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All data recovery services begin with an instant hard drive diagnostic.

We work on all types of hard drives and can reconstruct corrupted RAID arrays.

Data recovery prices vary drastically and we strongly urge clients to take advantage of our no-cost* diagnostic service.
We perform our diagnostic testing in front of you – not behind closed doors – and let you see the results in real time.

iRepair Buffalo maintains a large spare parts inventory and performs the entire service in-house.

Typical computer repair shops only use software programs to recover and extract data.

This software-based approach, however, is inadequate in the presence of hard drive instability AND often causes further irreversible damage!


Our expert data recovery engineers use cutting-edge hardware equipment to image the failing hard drive, which is why our success rate excels well beyond that of our competitors.


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We do:

Sign your nondisclosure paperwork if requested

Store all media in a protected, offline environment

Use an in-house airgapped secure network to recover data

Keep your details confidential


We don’t:

Charge you a penny without your agreement

Share your information with any third parties

Outsource any recoveries or related tasks

Experienced hard drive experts. Proven results.

Data loss is usually caused by one of two issues: software issues and/or hardware issues. iRepair Buffalo is the most advanced data recovery laboratory in Buffalo NY and we can quickly diagnose which one of these issues occurred and can create a plan to recover your private data.

data recovery buffalo hard drive recovery lost files buffalo erie amherst rochester data recoverySoftware data loss can be caused by deleting the important documents on your computer. Accidental deletion occurs all the time and can happen to anyone. Other causes of software data loss are files that didn’t make it through an upgrade or update. These types of issues pop up during operating system updates, upgrades, or even with certain programs that can be updated. Luckily, software data loss is the most common data loss issue and it is also the easiest to resolve and recover from.

Software data loss recovery involves the expert use of specialty program based recovery software. At iRepair Buffalo data recovery, we use proven and expensive data recovery programs to help recovery the files, photographs, and other data that are missing. We work with you in complete confidentiality to find the files that you are in search of and we do everything we can to find those files intact.

If you experience a software based data loss, please bring in your computer or hard drive to true professionals like iRepair Buffalo. Attempting to recover the files on your own with amateur or free data recovery software may make matters worse. There is no need to risk completely losing your precious files due to inexperience or lack of the best data recovery programs. Once you drop off your computer to us, we will begin the data recovery with our programs and keep you up to date on what has been recovered.

The other kind of data loss issue is hardware-based. Hardware issues are much more difficult to recover from and should not be attempted by a non-professional. Hardware based disc drive failure is caused by actual damage to the physical components of a hard disc drive. Modern HDDs are extremely complex units that involve many finely tuned parts that must work together perfectly. When something does go wrong, it can cause havoc within the HDD.

Do you know what to look for when you suspect your hard drive is failing? There are several different symptoms that may appear when a hard disc drive is starting to fail or has failed completely. This, of course, depends on the issue that is occurring as well as the kind of hardware that is involved. Some symptoms to look out for are: Strange noises coming from your HDD. These noises can include grinding, rhythmic clicking, physical, vibrating tone, rattling, or any other strange noise that you feel shouldn’t be coming from your hard disc drive. Your hard drive won’t start up? This could be caused by several issues. Will your HDD refuse to even start to spin up? Does it start to spin but never get up to speed and start loading? These are some symptoms of hardware based failure.

What to do when you suspect hardware-based hard drive failure? Turn off your computer immediately and leave it off. Trying to preserve the data is your top priority at this point. Repeated failed startups can cause more damage to the HDD platters that hold all your data. Once you turn off your computer, contact iRepair Buffalo and we will inform you on what to do next. Generally, we will have you bring in your computer or HDD and we will diagnose and create a plan to recover your data.

Whether you need desktop data recovery, laptop data recovery, external hard drive data recovery, or even SSD data recovery, iRepair Buffalo can help you recover your important data.

Located just Northeast of Buffalo NY, iRepair Buffalo provides quick and easy access to our expert hard disc drive data recovery services. Give us a call, fill out our online form or stop in and we’ll be happy to help you figure out how to recover your data.

Hard drive erratic or worse? We know your data is important, that’s why we employ highly advanced and extensive data recovery techniques to get your data back safe and sound. Individual recovery needs vary on the state of your drive. iRepair Buffalo will keep in touch during the recovery process to confirm your solution!
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*a small fee may be charged for extracting the hard drive from units requiring disassembly